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Louisa Dimitriou

design & sculpting

since 1997

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Louisa Dimitriou

arrow_forward Sculptures

Louisa loves to design and create finely sculpted objects in cast bronze, aluminum, wood, stone and Perspex since 1997. Her sculpture forms mainly explore the human form and figure. Sculpting is her great love. Through sculpting she expresses her inner feelings. She loves creating sculptures of couples, angels, children.

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arrow_forward Jewelry

Louisa designs and creates modern and whimsical jewelry using mixed media techniques. Loves all jewelry in gold, silver, precious and semi precious stones, resin, paper, Perspex, reclaimed materials, felt, marble and wood. Apart from making custom unique one of jewelry designs, she enjoys working on her jewelry series with the children forms. Many times she has designed jewelry for children such as crosses and luck charms.

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arrow_forward Art Objects / Art Gifts

Louisa loves to design and create art objects and art gifts in cast bronze, aluminum, wood, stone and Perspex. Her art objects mainly explore the utility art gifts can supply for human in the everyday life. Art gift designing is so much fun. In Louisa’s designs, customers find beauty and use combined. She loves creating art gifts for people who love offering different and unique art gifts.

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arrow_forward Art Gifts for children

Louisa has extended her creativity in designing art gifts for children. Either offering an art gift for a newborn, offering an art gift for decorating a child’s or a baby’s room, having or attending a babyshower, Louisa has created her series: art gifts for children. Louisa herself is a proud mum of two!!

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arrow_forward Hotel and Home Art designs

Living in a bright and vibrant country as Greece, turned Louisa to the creation of small and larger scale art designs suitable for Hotel and Home decoration.

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arrow_forward Art Gifts from Greece

Designing and making creative Art Gifts, Sculptures Art Objects, and Jewelry with love and care from Greece. Louisa designs and makes her series: Art Gifts from Greece” for the ones who wish to take a small piece of Greek design and art, back home!

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arrow_forward Corporate Art Gifts

Louisa serves many corporate customers and has received many corporate art commissions. Designing corporate art gifts for the past 20 years has always been a pleasure since she has had the opportunity to meet many personalities from the entrepreneurship world and interact with people who think out of the box. This has given her the opportunity to extend her creative imagination and thrive in the service of corporate art gifts.

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arrow_forward Art Commissions

Her works are purchased by art lovers for private collections worldwide. Louisa has the opportunity to serve an international clientele, and often receives art commissions.